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Canadians take a stand against Bell Canada’s dangerous website blocking proposal

The latest manifestation of the ongoing attack on digital rights and net neutrality in Canada, led by Bell Canada, proposes the creation of the so-called “Internet Piracy Review Agency” (IPRA), a dictatorship-style Internet policing agency that would facilitate the blocking of Canadians’ access to websites Bell and other leading Canadian Internet service providers dislike.

Escalating war on net neutrality, Bell Canada wants to block Canadians’ access to pirate websites

Back in April, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruled in favour of net neutrality and declared that “Internet service providers should treat data traffic equally to foster consumer choice, innovation and the free exchange of ideas.” Bell Media, one of Canada’s “big three” telecom companies, wants to change all that.

Ads on CBC Radio a serious blow to public broadcasting in Canada

Last week, CRTC renewed the licences for all of the CBC’s broadcast services, giving the CBC the green light to introduce ads on Radio Two and its French language counterpart Espace Musique. Ads on CBC Radio is a product of the Harper Conservatives’ hostility toward public broadcasting in Canada, says Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.