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Finding the Right Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Bean to cup coffee machines are quite popular in the DIY coffee market. They started as exclusive and ultra-expensive devices that only the rich could afford; now you can find one that suits your pocket. Each year, several products emerge with their unique selling points. The truth is that you do not have to spend a fortune to find the best bean to cup coffee machines. You should note that the process of grinding coffee beans makes them start losing flavor and fragrance.

a coffee makerNowadays, there are several coffee makers on the market. This makes it quite difficult to find one that suits your needs. Thus, it is necessary to consider certain pointers and considerations before making your decision. Personal preference should play an important role. However, there are certain factors you ought to consider along the way.


You need to figure out how much you should spend. It is possible to spend a hundred pounds or even a thousand pounds to find premium units. The extra amount will go on extra features, exterior styling, exclusive branding, and other things. If you are interested in the premium features, then you should be ready to pay the extra amount. However, if you need a basic coffee machine, then there is no need of paying over the odds. This means that you should consider your priorities and determine how much to spend on a coffee maker.


Features can vary from one machine to another. For instance, you can find machines that grind the beans and brew the coffee with the touch of a button. There are others that precise when it comes to grinding particular sizes. Other features to consider include temperature control, milk frothing, and ability to make different types of coffee.

Custom Programming

coffee making processThis is an important feature that is available in advanced machines that allow you to program custom coffee creations. You should first experiment with different strengths, milk contents, and temperatures. After this, you can program the machine to remember the settings and make your custom coffee. With this, you can make quality coffee with a touch of a button.

Descaling and Cleaning

The good thing about expensive coffee machines on the market is that they are easy to clean. Moreover, they can stay cleaner over extended periods and have inbuilt, intelligent cleaning systems.