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The Canadian Progressive Image LogoWelcome to The Canadian Progressivea hard-hitting, provocative, unapologetic, activism-oriented political blog.

The blog is published by Obert Madondo, an Ottawa-based progressive political blogger, publisher and activist. Visit Obert’s razor-sharp column HERE. Visit Obert’s bio HERE.

The Canadian Progressive aspires is to become the first-read for progressive Canadian insiders, grassroots activists, dissenters, thinkers and other influentials. We hope to inspire all peoples of the world who hungers for a more humane and balanced Canadian and global leadership.

On the issues, we’ll drill deeply, right down to the truth. We’ll provide you with hard-hitting, controversial, insightful, thoughtful, provocative and progressive ideas on Canadian and global politics, institutions, rights, policies, systems, values, culture and diversity.

We’ll challenge conventional wisdom. We’ll demand more of ourselves and our elected and appointed leaders. We’ll insist on a Canada and world that strives for more equality, more democracy, more diversity, more rights, more freedoms, more transparency, more environmental protections, more security and more values, for all its citizens.

What we really want is:

  1. A Canada and world where all persons, be they Aboriginals, settlers, citizens, permanent residents, refugees, and otherwise, feel that they’re equal and are motivated to build a shared country.
  2. A just and fair society where equality, security, and reciprocity are upheld through free will and ooperative action.
  3. Clean politics free of corporate and lobbyist influence, electoral fraud, voter suppression, propogandist and undue manipulation of ethnic voters.
  4. A sustainable economic policy that creates jobs and growth while respecting the environment, and the livelihoods and traditions of Aboriginal peoples.
  5. A Canada built on social justice, where all live in dignity and have a fair shot at improving their lives.
  6. Democratic renewal through the abolishing of the Senate of Canada, reformation Canadian institutions and traditions and enhancement of public participation.
  7. Media integrity and rejection of biases created by undue authority and money.
  8. A multilateral foreign policy that respects Canada’s established role as a leader conflict resolution, and tackling genocide, poverty, climate change, disease, arms and nuclear proliferation, and terrorism.

We engage in peaceful grassroots activism too.

If you’re progressive and have special knowledge or opinions, we and our readers would be delighted to hear from you. See our Write for Us page for Blogger/writer guidelines and your options.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Obert Madondo, Founder and Editor-in-Chief



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