Man implicated in Rehtaeh Parsons sexual assault spared jail

by: Obert Madondo  | Jan 15, 2015

Rehtaeh Parsons. Facebook Photo

Rehtaeh Parsons. Facebook Photo

Justice denied.

A judge in Nova Scotia has decided that there will be no jail term for one of the four boys implicated in the fatal gang-rape and online shaming of Rehtaeh Parsons.

Parsons, 17, attempted suicide in early 2013 after the attack and online shaming that followed. She died after being taken off life-support.

The young man, whose name is under a publication ban, posted a photo of the savage act online for all the world to see. According to VICE, the man “texted a photo that showed him penetrating a 15-year-old girl and flashing a thumbs-up while she vomited.”

The courts reduced to that of “child pornography.” The young “pleaded guilty in November to distributing a sexually graphic image of Parsons.”

During a sentencing hearing Thursday, Judge Gregory Lenehan reportedly said the assault “was a vile crime, the consequences were tragic.” The sentence:12 months probation. Plus counselling because the assault “may be weighing on you more than you realize.”

You call that justice?

As I blogged earlier: “It’s time for Canada to look itself in the mirror and engage real soul-searching. This sexist war on Canadian women cannot be allowed to continue for another day.”

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