#BlackLivesMatter: Ottawa Vigil For Michael Brown, Against Police Violence

“Cops kill black people at a higher rate than white people.”

by: Obert Madondo  | Published Wednesday, Nov 25, 2014

Ottawa Vigil for Michael Brown. (Photo: Ben Powless/Facebook)

Ottawa Vigil for Michael Brown. (Photo: Ben Powless/Facebook)

Hundreds of activists are expected at the U.S. Embassy on 490 Sussex Drive (at York) in Ottawa this evening for a vigil for Michael Brown.

Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, was fatally shot by white police officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, in August.

On Monday, a grand jury of nine whites and three blacks decided not to indict Wilson. The decision has outraged many in Ferguson, across the U.S. and around the world, including the Brown family.

In a statement, the Brown family said: “We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions.”

Democracy Now! reports:

After three months of deliberation that included testimony from Wilson himself, the jury of nine whites and three blacks decided that Wilson should not be tried for any of the criminal charges he faced. Not first-degree murder, not second-degree murder, not voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. Many are questing the timing of the release of the grand jury decision, which came late at night instead of in broad daylight. Soon after the grand jury decision was read, police fired tear gas at protesters in Ferguson. The grand jury decision set off outrage in communities not only throughout St. Louis, but across the country who see Brown’s killing as part of a wide-scale pattern of police mistreatment of people of color.

In September, Mother Jones, published data showing that U.S. “cops kill black people at a higher rate than white people.” The publication also discussed “the crazy way the FBI classifies all police shooting victims as criminals.”

In other words, the killing of Michael Brown wasn’t just another example of police violence. It’s also racial violence. Racial violence that go unpunished.

The Ottawa vigil is part of protest events taking place across Canada and around the world today and in the coming days. For more details, please visit this Facebook event page: “Ottawa Vigil for Mike Brown – #BlackLivesMatter“.

Event organizers also remind us that police and racial in violence are alive and well in Canada: “Black and Indigenous people are murdered by the state in our local communities regularly and systematically. And their murderers get away with it on a regular basis.”

Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based progressive blogger, and the founder and editor of The Canadian Progressive. Follow him on Twitter.com/Obiemad