Montreal Police Violated Protesters’ Rights During Student Protests, Says Report

by: Obert Madondo |  | Published May 2, 2013, by The Canadian Progressive

The Montreal Police violated the rights of protesters during the 2012 student protests, says a new 47-page report based on the accounts of 384 witnesses.

The report, called “Testimonies of the Student Strike: Repression And Discrimination,” was compiled by ASSÉ, Quebec’s largest student federation, in association with the Quebec Human Rights League and the Association of Progressive Jurists.

According to ASSÉ, the study sought to “provide a more complete picture of the extent of police, judicial and political repression, to document and analyze events in terms of rights and freedoms.”  The authors collected and analyzed cases of “intimidation, police brutality, arrest, detention, allegations of retaliation and denial of access to places”.

According to to the CBC News, the report recommends:

1. Withdrawal of all charges under municipal bylaws and Quebec’s highway safety code and stop proceedings against those whose rights were violated.

2. Launch a public investigation into police abuses, mass arrests and the violation of rights and liberties as a result of police intervention during the student strike.

3. Immediate ban on the use of rubber bullets, sound cannons and other lesser-lethal weapons used for crowd control.

4. Launch of an investigation by Quebec’s Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights into political profiling and the mass violations of freedom of expression in Quebec.

5. Immediate repeal of bylaw P-6 and other municipal bylaws limiting the right to protest.

6. Immediate halt to the use of articles 500 and 500.1 by police during protests.

7. Creation of an independent body that would investigate all cases of police intervention that lead to the death or injury of an individual.

Meanwhile, ASSÉ “continues to demand the withdrawal of all legal proceedings related to the student movement.”

Click to download the French version of the report (PDF).

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