Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has a Serious Drinking Problem

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive:

Toronto Mayor Rob FordThat’s right, the Mayor of Toronto has a serious drinking problem. Actually, one that calls for rehab.

The Toronto Star says Rob Ford’s drinking problem is so seriously that, since he was elected in 2010, his inner circle has repeatedly urged him enter rehab “over pattern of alcohol abuse”.

Mayor Rob Ford was asked to leave a gala event celebrating the Canadian armed forces last month, because organizers were concerned he was impaired.

The request to leave the Toronto Garrison Ball came two weeks before Sarah Thomson, a Toronto businesswoman and former mayoral candidate, created a media storm when she accused Ford of groping her while acting “out of it” at a Jewish political group’s event.

It’s an open secret at city hall that the mayor has battled alcohol abuse. Those closest to him are concerned for his health and the impact it has on his job as mayor of Canada’s largest city. Current and former staff have told the Star of repeated attempts to persuade the mayor to get help for more than two years and as recently as November. All attempts have been rebuffed.

The Garrison Ball is an annual dinner, attended by 800 soldiers, sailors, airforce personnel and civilians. The ball raised money for the well known Wounded Warriors charity. Billed as an evening of “pageantry and camaraderie,” the dinner was held on Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Liberty Grand near Toronto’s waterfront.

So, is alcohol to blame for the the mayor’s increasingly erratic – and often insulting – behaviour?

Two weeks ago Ford’s fellow Toronto councillor Sarah Thomson, publisher of Women’s Post and former mayoral candidate grabbing her ass at a public event. MaCleans has suggested that Ford should be charged with sexual assault (if what Sarah Thompson says is true).

Last September, Ford appeared in court in a conflict of interest case that almost forced him out of office.

Finally, last year, we learned that the mayor of Canada’s most racially-diverse city had posed for a photo with Jon Latvis, a white supremacist and a member of the neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (Racial Holy War).