Bradley Manning Tried New York Times, Washington Post Before WikiLeaks

by: Obert Madondo | March 3, 2013:

Bradley Masnning. Photo: US Army/Wikimedia Commons

Bradley Masnning. Photo: US Army/Wikimedia Commons

Turns out Bradley Manning tried to leak to New York Times and the Washington Post before WikiLeaks. But he couldn’t breach the thick armor of the America’s mainstream media. Manning made the revelation in a 35-page statement he read to the military court on Thursday.

Via the Guardian:

Bradley Manning has revealed to his court-martial at Fort Meade, Maryland, that he tried to leak US state secrets to the Washington Post,New York Times and Politico before he turned in frustration to the new anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.

Manning, the US solider accused of the biggest leak of state secrets in US history, read out a 35-page statement to the court that contained new detail on how he came to download and then transmit a massive trove of secrets to WikiLeaks. It contains the bombshell disclosure that he wanted to go to mainstream American media but found them impenetrable.

While he was on leave from Iraq and staying in the Washington area in January 2010 he contacted the Washington Post and asked would it be interested in receiving information that he said would be “enormously important to the American people”. He spoke to a woman who said she was a reporter but “she didn’t seem to take me seriously”.

The woman said, according to Manning’s account, that the paper would only be interested subject to vetting by senior editors.

Despairing of that route, Manning turned to the New York Times. He called the public editor of the paper but only got voicemail.

He then tried other numbers on the paper but also got put through to voicemail, and though he left a message with his Skype contact details, nobody called him back. Manning added he had also contemplated going to the website Politico, but harsh weather prevented him.

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