Sierra Club Canada statement on civil disobedience

by Sierra Club Canada | Feb 1, 2013:

Sierra Club CanadaThe follow statement originated from the January 31, 2013 meeting of the Board of Directors of Sierra Club Canada:

“Sierra Club Canada is an independent body that sets its own priorities and policies.

Sierra Club Canada recognizes that the climate is rapidly approaching a tipping point that demands immediate and significant action if we are to avoid a global catastrophe.

The Sierra Club has advocated for action on climate change for more than 25 years, yet the governments in Canada and United States have failed to take serious action. This refusal to apply the same scientific principles to climate change policy that have been applied to numerous other health and environmental issues, despite unprecedented scientific research and public opinion, forces all people of conscience to question their methods.

We, therefore, understand the recent decision by Sierra Club in the United States to endorse and participate in a limited civil disobedience action. We hope it will help bring about a change of policy in the United States.

Since the history of inaction on climate change in Canada is similar to the record in the United States, Sierra Club Canada is undertaking an internal dialogue to reassess its rules concerning civil disobedience in future campaigns and will make a decision at the appropriate time.”

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