Theresa Spence Hunger Strike: Social Media Conversation on Friday, December 28, 2012

Today, Attawapiskat Chief  Theresa Spence’s indefinite hunger strike, taking place here in Ottawa, enters Day 18. Spence started her peaceful protest on December 11, 2012. She’s demanding a meeting involving Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a representative of the Queen and First Nations leaders. She wants to discuss treaty agreements between Canada and First Nations, and recent legislation that seeks disempower, exploit, control and marginalize First Nations. Spence’s peaceful protest is the human incarnation of the pain and struggles aboriginal people endure every day.  Spence is calling us to compassion, fairness and respect for fundamental rights. She’s urging Canadians and First Nations to rediscover the lost art of democratic conversation. You can follow Chief Spence on Twitter via: @ChiefTheresa. Check out our coverage of the protest via these categories: First NationsChief Theresa Spence Hunger Strike and Idle No More.

Here’s a sample of the conversation on the social media today: