Jason Kenney spent $750,000 spying on Canada’s ethnic minorities

By: Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive

Over the past three years, Conservative minister Jason Kenney’s Department of Citizenship and Immigration blew almost $750,000 in Canadian taxpayers money “monitoring ethnic media”, according to The Canadian Press.

Jason Kenney, Canada's Immigration Minister

Jason Kenney, Canada’s Immigration Minister

The political daily media monitoring madness assessed ethnic minorities “perceptions” of Kenney and “issues related to the department’s mandate.”

According to the Canadian Press:

But the more than 7,000 pages of documents reveal the media monitoring went well beyond public policy issues related to citizenship and immigration.

It’s unethical. Narcissistic. Low-down. Dirty.

What could the money have paid for? According to the Official Opposition New Democrats:
  • Old Age Security for 121 seniors this year
  • Or the Guaranteed Income Supplement for 127 seniors
  • Or the Survivor Allowance for 103 seniors
The party adds that Kenney’s taxpayer funded narcistic largesse is “more proof that the Conservatives – plagued by scandals, ethical lapses and mismanagement – are using public money for their own private political advantage.”

As I argued here, Prime Minister  Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are having a field day implementing anti-immigrant policies. And practicing racism. So far, with impunity.

Kenney, the Conservative MP for Calgary South East, recently posted a petition on his website – jasonkenney.ca – asking Canadians to thank him for introducing draconian cuts to health benefits for refugees through the government’s Bill C-31. He helped the Conservatives wrestle the ethnic vote away from the Liberals during the May 2011 Federal election, especially in immigrant-rich Toronto. Through dirty strategies such as systematic and vicious targeting and micro-targeting of vulnerable ridings. Vulnerable because they’re dominated by gullible and fearful minorities.

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