Enbridge Inc Rebuked: “This is not an Enbridge animation” (VIDEO)

*This is not an Enbridge animation from Shortt and Epic Productions on Vimeo.

Last week, Enbridge Inc. insulted Canadians again with an animated propaganda video that omitted the natural resources the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will destroy. The video omitted thousands of kilometres of islands and other natural features along British Columbia’s Douglas Channel, including the scenic coast of Kitimat and Burns Lake.

The video above, called “This is not an Enbridge animation”, responds to the Calgary-based energy giant’s false and misleading video. It spotlights some of the at-risk locations omitted.

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The producers of the video, Shott and Epic Productions, remind us that animation “is not the appropriate medium for capturing what is at risk with this pipeline. Let’s get real about what’s at risk.”

Can’t wait to get involved in the ongoing fight against Enbridge? I recommend the Dogwood Initiative. Also, Lori Waters, a Vancouver Island resident has filed a formal complaint with the federal Competition Bureau against Enbridge for the misleading promotional video.

And you can watch the deceptive Enbridge video here.