Obert Madondo’s Indefinite Canada Bill C-10 Hunger Strike: Demands

At 12:01am today, I embarked on an indefinite hunger strike against the Canadian Conservative Government’s new crime law, the deceptively christened “Safe Streets and Communities Act” (omnibus crime Bill C-10). I am an activist, progressive political blogger and Permanent Resident of Canada. This law, and many others being passed by the government, is the epitome of state abuse of power, the law and resources.  My revised demands are:

  • Repeal the Safe Streets and Communities Act.
  • Split up Budget Bill C-38
  • Scrap “Immigration Exclusion” Bill C-31
  • Scrap Internet surveillance Bill C-30
  • Former Ottawa Police chief, Senator Vernon White, must resign.
  • National inquiry for the 600+ missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls.

I will continue the hunger strike until all the demands are fulfilled. I’ll carry out the peaceful action in my apartment here in Ottawa, and will undertake public actions, including regular visits to Parliament Hill.

4 thoughts on “Obert Madondo’s Indefinite Canada Bill C-10 Hunger Strike: Demands”

  1. Nicole Jetté says:

    Merci de prendre la parole pour nous. Thank you for speaking for us.

    1. Obert Madondo says:

      Your support is greatly appreciated, Saryn. Stay well. Peace!

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