Activist Communique: Ottawa Rally Against Robo-calls Electoral Fraud

Brigette Marcelle DePape

Hundreds of people, including members of parliament, rights activists and average citizens, are expected on Parliament Hill at noon tomorrow to protest the unfolding Robo-calls election scandal. Renowned activist Brigette Depape (pictured) and MPs Pat Martin (NDP, Winnipeg Centre) and Elizabeth May (Green Party Leader, Saanich-Gulf Islands), are expected to speak at the event.

The scandal emerged ten days ago after Postmedia News and the Ottawa Citizen reported that scores of Canadians had received questionable automated calls during the May 2011 federal election.

The demonstrators are expected to demand an independent public inquiry. And possible nullification of the results in at least 65 affected ridings across Canada. Elections Canada has so far receiced more than 31,000 complaints.

The details:


  • Pat Martin, NDP MP for Winnipeg Centre @ TBA
  • Brigette DePape, “Rogue Page” @ 12:00
  • Ben Powless, Indigenous Rights Activist @ 12:05
  • Tyler Sommers, Democracy Watch @ 12:15
  • Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader and MP for Saanich–Gulf Islands @ 12:30
  • Julien Lamarche, Fair Vote Canada @ 12:45
  • Wayne Easter, Liberal MP for Malpeque @ 1:00
  • Alex Hill, Ottawa-West Nepean provincial Green Party candidate @ 1:15
  • Arun Smith and Shane Davis-Young, Canadians Against Electoral Fraud/Canadien(ne)s contre la fraude électorale

There will be time as well, starting at 1:30 for people gathered to express their grievances personally. Times for speakers are approximates.

Tout le monde aura la chance, après 13h30 de s’adresser personellement leurs griefs contre le scandale des appels trompeurs. L’horaire donne des heures appoximés pour les orateurs et oratrices.

With possible electoral fraud in 77 ridings across this country, the legitimacy of this government’s majority, and of the government itself, is called into question. While Elections Canada and the courts investigate institutionally, it is Canadians who have true power, true control.

We demand an independent public inquiry.

We demand a nullification of the results in all 68 ridings and by-elections.

We demand true accountability.

We urge every Canadian to contact their Member of Parliament and Senators and demand respect for our democratic processes.


Avec possibilité de fraude électorale dans 77 circonscriptions, la légitimité d’un gouvernement majoritaire conservateur, et même la légitimité de l’élection du gouvernement même, est en question. Bien qu’Elections Canada porte enquête et qu’il y a des affaires juridiques portées devant les cours, le vrai pouvoir démeure dans les mains de tous et toutes les Canadiens et Canadiennes de prendre action.

Nous éxigeons une enquête publique indépendante.

Nous éxigeons l’invalidation de tout résultat dans les 68 circonscriptions impliquées, et des nouvelles élections partielles.

Nous éxigeons que tous et toutes les Canadiens et Canadiennes prennent action en écrivant aux députés et sénateurs demandant le respect pour notre démocratie.