Contemplating the future, Occupy Ottawa hints at political role

Occupy Ottawa activist, Andy Wilson, sees a future political role for the movement. During Occupy Ottawa’s November 28 General Assembly, Wilson proposed the creation of a Political Action Committee for the movement. During its December 3, General Assembly, Occupy Ottawa approved his proposal.

“The Political Action Committee will be a working group that would discuss political action,” Wilson said. “The committee would create a mandate for a future committee to be called the Political Action Committee. The mandate would be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.”

The committee would not be a political party but would embody the whims and views of the Occupy Ottawa General Assembly.

“Being active in Canadian politics does not mean that the consensus decision-making model must be abandoned – it means that the model can be applied to the decision-making apparatus of the current political system,” Andy said. “The Political Action Committee would merely add political action to the variety of tactics currently used by the Occupy movement.”

If anything the proposal shows that Occupy Ottawa can work on multiple fronts. In the last few weeks, the movement has faciltated a series of actions targeting political decisions and policies.