Symbolic: Canada’s “New” Sanctions Against North Korea

Canada’s Conservative government will do anything to shore up it’s new militaristic approach to complex global crises. And that includes, imposing symbolic sanctions on a rogue regime. And imposing such sanctions on the same regime within eleven months.

Such was the case with yesterday’s announcement of “new” sanctions against North Korea by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government.

Apparently, the sanctions are meant to “send a message” to the nuclear-armed Asian nation. For “aggressive actions”. The regime’s alleged sinking last March of the Cheonan, a South Korean navy ship, is the reason. We should be concerned, right? Support the sanctions even. The incident killed 46 sailors.

What happened to the “tough” and “new” sanctions Ottawa announced last October? They, too, were a direct retaliation for the rogue regime’s sinking of of the ship. What was the impact? Pyongyang didn’t heed our message?

The only message Ottawa is sending is that Canada now mostly talk through the force of arms and threats.

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