Ontario Provincial Election Opportunity To Defeat Stephen Harper

While attending  a barbecue hosted at Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s family home, Prime Minister Stephen called for Liberal Premier McGuinty’s defeat during the October 6 Ontario Provincial election. This isn’t just meddling in provincial politics. Harper has kindly asked Ontarians to put him, and not McGuinty, under the microscope.

Before the call, the Ontario election was about the province and its issues. Now Harper has awakened us to the national significance of Ontario. A win for Progressive Conservative Tim Hudark is a win for Harper. It will strengthen the PM’s political hand.  

During the May 2 Federal election, we handed the Conservatives an undeserved majority. A collosal mistake. This time, we’ll think nationally and vote progressively.

A win for McGuinty and the Liberals or Andrea Horwath and the New Democracts will give Canada a strong and progressive Ontario. A province that will stand up to Ottawa on issues that matter to the province. Two examples: healthcare funding and equalization payments.

On May 6, Ontarians will vote for a strong Canada.

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