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  • indigo4everor

    following item is my response to the NEB approval of the Northern gateway
    The Northern
    Gateway pipeline: An historic turning point?
    Canada’s 2015 federal election campaign is now under way. With the federal
    government’s approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline we have an important and
    polarizing issue that is going to tell where the public stands and where our
    devious political elites stand.
    importantly it is going to take the measure of the Liberal and NDP parties. Is
    their stated opposition to Northern Gateway real or false piety? How they react
    to this issue is a critical indicator of whether either party will offer a real
    alternative to Harper’s atrocities or do they just want to slink into power to
    practice more of the same?
    We are at a
    time where politicians of every stripe can no longer be trusted as fearless
    defenders of the public good.Corporate
    values prevail and have been instrumental in demolishing democracy, effective
    government and the environment. We now live in a corporate oligarchy and this
    has come about as a result of politicians colluding with corporations. It is no
    coincidence that Canadian corporations are sitting on a slush fund of almost
    700 billion dollars and are paying the second lowest corporate taxes of any
    country in the world. In too many critical aspects governments have retreated
    from real governance, are too willing to be acolytes to corporate power, and
    betray the people who elected them.
    We are
    seeing the politics of abandonment.All
    of us can cite examples of what a politician says before being elected and how
    that is suddenly forgotten after being elected. Politicians have always been
    willing to abandon their ideals after being elected but now not only do they
    forget and forestall, they collude with corporations against the public good.
    Once in office they are willing to abandon their constituents to the greater
    glory of serving the corporate kleptocracy- and there are politicians in the US
    who openly admit their first loyalty is to the bankers and corporations.
    are supposed to be representative of the people’s wishes but this is too often
    no longer the case as the grand usurper is ever present to corrupt this
    sacrosanct relationship. The grand usurper is of course corporate power as it
    bends and corrupts politicians to do its will leaving the public demoted from
    citizen to consumer.
    Gateway is not just a pipeline. It is about democracy; the public will vs the
    corporate will. It is about climate change, environmental degradation,
    responsible resource development, and sustainable growth. It is about the here and now where the jury is in: If we
    continue on our present course we are headed for economic and environmental
    politicians and former politicians, in league with their corporate masters, are
    lining up to try and bully public opinion into accepting their willful
    ignorance and duplicity.
    This, though,
    is also an opportunity to test the Liberals and NDP as to whether they really
    do have the courage of their convictions.Can they provide effective leadership?If they assume government are they going to provide a real people oriented
    and corporations have been leading the public interest around by the nose for
    too long as they put profits ahead of people. Now people and the environment
    essential to our existence must come ahead of profits.
    The Northern
    Gateway pipeline must be converted into an historic turning point where people
    say no, kill the pipeline, and break up the illicit love affair between delinquent
    politicians and their corporate masters.
    Now is the
    time for change and it starts with you and me.
    Mission BC