Oh Canada – Our Bought And Sold Out Land (VIDEO)

Via YouTube: Dan Mathews has done us all a favor, with his educational documentary, as he reveals common misconception in how we deal with banks. Watch and laugh as Dan catches our politicians off guard with some simple questions. These questions are simple, but you’d be surprised who actually has trouble answering. In the end… Read More

Best line to pick up a Canadian woman: “Hi, I’m NOT Stephen Harper”? (VIDEO)

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb.3, 2013: Seriously, you can actually get laid in Canada for introducing yourself as NOT Prime Minister Stephen Harper and certainly having nothing to do with the Conservatives? For saying that you got nothing to do with the Alberta tar sands and Canada’s oil-driven foreign policy? That you got nothing to do with Harper’s… Read More

In Canada, Indigenous youth fight for rights of women (VIDEO)

Idle No More

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 3, 2013: Andrea Landry, a member of the Anishinaable people and Youth Executive of the National Association of Friendship Centre in Canada, recently attended a meeting for Indigenous youth at the UN Headquarters in New York. In this interview with UNTV Multimedia Producer, Mary Ferreira, Andrea explains how indigenous youth… Read More