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#PMHarperMustResign: A Twitter storm demanding Harper’s resignation is proposed

Stephen Harper (Photo: Remy Steinegger)

Via: KW Protests Greetings, concerned Canadians and global opponents to the Harper Government. We know how ridiculous and scandalous this excuse for a Government of Canada is. The most recent events concerning the Senate have only exacerbated the frustration and anger of average people everywhere. Enough of trumpeting openness and transparency while doing the exact… Read More

Spence hunger strike: FN Chiefs contemplate Canada-wide “economic disruptions”

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive | January 01, 2013 “Economic impacts are imminent if there is no response.” APTN National News is reporting that First Nations leaders are contemplating Canada-wide “economic disruptions by the middle of January if Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t agree to hunger-striking Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s demand for a treaty meeting”.… Read More

Amnesty International Urges Harper to meet with hunger striker Chief Spence

by Amnesty International Canada: Editor’s Intro: In the letter bellow, issued yesterday, Amnesty International urges Prime Minister Stephen Harper to meet with hunger-striker Chief Theresa Spence as her peaceful protest reaches Day 18. Chief Spence is demanding a meeting involving Harper, a representative of the Queen, and First Nations leaders. She wants this meeting to discuss treaty… Read More

PowerShift 2012 Concludes With Massive March Against Harper Gvt’s $1.4bn “Polluter Handouts”

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The PowerShift 2012 Conference concluded with a raucous “Trick or Treat” march through downtown Ottawa by over 800 conference attendees and local activists. The 4-day conference sought to push the Harper Government to act to stop climate change and social injustice in Canada. And to stop annual handouts of $1.4 billion in Canadian taxpayer money to the “richest, dirtiest corporations in the world.” The conference kicked off last Friday… Read More