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Senator Patrick Brazeau Must Go!

If Brazeau stays on as an independent Senator, he’ll cost Canadian taxpayers at lease $7-million by the time he retires approximately 37 years from today. By Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive: Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau’s charges of assault and sexual assault offer Prime Minister Stephen Harper the opportunity to

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Ignatieff says Harper’s power-grab “is harming democracy”

by Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 5, 2013: Former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says Harper’s power-grab “is harming democracy” and he’s 100% right. With unassailable majorities in both the House of Commons and Senate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is potentially the most powerful leader in the world. He’s much

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Is Chief Theresa Spence your 2012 newsmaker of the year? POLL

Is hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence, who entered Day 20 of her peaceful protest today, your 2012 newsmaker of the year? Is it the Idle No More movement? The Quebec student movement? Beleaguered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? Is it Kevin Page, Canada’s fearless gallant Parliamentary Budget Officer, who showed uncommon courage recently