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Mother Earth Day 2013 Ottawa

Idle No More to spearhead Mother Earth Day commemoration in Ottawa

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive:  The Idle No More movement for Indigenous rights and sovereignty is scheduled to spearhead the commemoration of Mother Earth Day in Ottawa. Activists are expected to confront the Harper government’s agenda against Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. In an earlier press release, Idle No More explained this

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Canada’s Indigenous #IdleNoMore Movement Gains Momentum (VIDEO)

First Nations groups denied their constitutionally-protected rights, targeted by the Harper Conservative government In Canada, #IdleNoMore, an indigenous rights movement that started as a small social media campaign, is gaining momentum. The movement is spearheaded by Chief Theresa Spence, the leader of the Attawapiskat First Nation, who

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Idle No More dance and speeches on Parliament Hill (VIDEO)

This colorful video of the December 21, 2012, Idle No More protest on Parliament Hill, will always remain one of the highlights of my career as a progressive activist. The video includes speeches by supporters and helpers of hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence. The speakers also repeated Spence’s