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“Just watch me”: Justin Trudeau on whether he can beat Stephen Harper

Trudeau Just Watch Me

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive: Liberal leadership front-runner Justin Trudeau wants you to be assured that he can beat Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the ballot. During a flight from Halifax to Ottawa Tuesday evening, a fellow passenger send him a note with the question: “Can you really beat Harper?” Trudeau responded with “Just watch me”, invoking… Read More

In Paris, street art in solidarity with Idle No More (PHOTO)

(Photo: Solguy via Twitter)

More than five thousand #IdleNoMore protesters gathered in Ottawa Friday as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nations leaders held a closed-door  meeting. Meanwhile, in Paris, street art in solidarity with Idle No More: RELATED: AFN call for “real change”, “remedies and actions” for First Nations In Ottawa, thousands of #IdleNoMore and allied protesters demand real change  What Chief Spence’s Hunger… Read More

Netherlands Quakers & Mennonites Support Chief Spence and #IdleNoMore (PHOTO)

Quakers and Mennonites from the Netherlands supports Theresa Spence

Netherlands Quakers & Mennonites sent their message of support and solidarity to hunger striker Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence and the phenomenal #IdleNoMore grassroots movement for Aboriginal rights and sovereignty: Photo via Facebook RELATED: Chief Spence says Harper government has encouraged “segregation” PETITION: British Crown Must Honour Canada-First Nations Treaties, Revoke Bill C-45, And Fire Harper & GG… Read More

Faking Syrian War Images To Manipulate The Western Public

Syrian Uprising photoshop

The demonization of genocidal dictators like Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad is standard practice in the western media’s coverage of developing-world crises. In the photo-shopped imaged below, The Krone (Die Kronen Zeitung), Austria’s biggest newspaper, shows how to manipulate the Syrian uprising for a gullible western public. In its July 28 edition, the paper pasted the picture of… Read More