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Letter Carrier, NOT Postman

I completely agree with Heather Mallick’s Canada Post workers’ future is ours too piece in yesterday’s Toronto Star. (Heather is one of my favorite newspaper columnists. And the Toronto Star is my favorite newspaper) But I disagree with her use of the sexist term “postman”. What

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Stephen Harper’s Infantile Steps on the World Stage

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive:  Prime Minister Stephen Harper played a prominent role on the world stage during last week’s G8 meeting in France and visit with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. But his performance only betrayed an unwillingness to restore Canada to its position of leader

Progressive HuffPost Goes Global: Welcome to Canada!

With the launch of HuffPost Canada in Toronto this week, the Huffington Post has made good on its recent promise to launch international editions. And what a fitting tribute to progressive Canadians that the leading American news site and content aggregator should make Canada its first stop.

Caribana Goes Corporate

Caribana, the colorful and high-energy Toronto summer festival, which celebrates the Caribbean culture, is dead. And from its ashes arose a creature with a corporate-sounding and verbose moniker: Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto.