Toronto is the New Paris

A new survey of the global capitals of business opportunities, culture, livability, and innovation by PriceWaterhouseCoopers ranks Toronto 2nd out of 26 cities around the world, right behind New York. But Canada’s largest city didn’t just take second place.

“Slut” is up for redemption

  Who would have thought that “slut”, the much-aligned little word would ignite a world movement?  It did and, through the worldwide “SlutWalk” marches, progressive forces are simultaneously challenging male arrogance and asserting women’s sexual liberation? The right to be a slut is in.

Microsoft Swallows Up Skype

The rumor is true: Microsoft is buying Skype. It just did, paying its biggest check ever, a whopping $8.56billion, for the internet telephony venture. The question is why? It’s about global reach. Microsoft’s bold purchase will give the company a commanding leadership position in Internet telephony. Skype has