Obert Madondo

Obert Madondo

Obert Madondo

Obert is an Ottawa-based activist, progressive political blogger, prolific public speaker, writer and independent journalist. He’s the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Canadian Progressive, a hard-hitting, provocative, unapologetic and activism-oriented political blog.   a hard-hitting, provocative, unapologetic, activism-oriented political blog.

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Obert grew up in Zimbabwe, where he worked with different pro-democracy, human rights and developmental organizations before fleeing to Canada as a political refugee in 2003.

While in Zimbabwe, Obert managed the high-risk electoral campaigns and constituency office of Margaret Dongo, Zimbabwe’s first post-independence Independent MP, and pioneer of that country’s current democratic movement. He served Margaret a speechwriter and personal assistant. Obert recently presented Margaret Dongo’s with a small “thank you” gift – her first official website, www.margaretdongo.com.

From January 1998 to June 2000, Obert served as a senior international development executive with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a Germany international development agency.

From 2003 to 2010, Obert worked for a Toronto-based Canadian charity.

Obert is published or quoted here: The Huffington Post, CBC News, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun, Rabble.ca, Metro News, The Charlatan, EMC Kanata, The Dominion, Ground Report, AfricaFiles & New Zimbabwe.

Obert was part of the Occupied Ottawa (formerly Occupy Ottawa) movement in the fall of 2011.  In 2012, he undertook an 86-day hunger strike protesting the Harper Conservative government’s inhumane omnibus crime Bill C-10, and the Conservatives’ continuing attacks on Canada’s democratic institutions, traditions and values.

In the last couple of years, Obert has addressed numerous rallies organized by provincial labour unions and grassroots movements, and events organized by university and high school students across Ontario. Recently, Obert was invited to speak at the following events:

  • “Ottawa in Solidarity with Turkey” protest. Parliament Hill, Ottawa. June, 2013
  • Joint Labour/Occupy “Take Back Canada” protest. Parliament Hill, Ottawa. September, 2012
  • Occupied Ottawa “Take Back Democracy” conference. Ottawa. May, 2012
  • Ontario Federation of Labour-led protest. Toronto. November, 2011

Obert is currently contemplating writing his memoirs.