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What Will Stephen Harper Do With a Majority?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper got exactly what he wanted from the 2011 Canadian Federal election – a comfortable Parliamentary majority. He now has the carte blance to do as he pleases. Not just four years of Republican-style politics in Canada. Welcome to the beginning of

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Bin Laden Killing: Justice Misfires

President Barack Obama deserves all the kudos for killing Osama bin Laden, the 9/11 mastermind. He kept his word. On the 2008 campaign trail, candidate Obama pledged to kill the terrorist, not to capture him.  But, in killing bin Laden, the US president blew an opportunity to

Obama Gets the Colonial Treatment

  President Barack Obama’s release of his official long-form US birth certificate was a monumental mistake. The world’s most most powerful man allowed himself to received a dose of the psychological humiliation his own father and other non-white natives routinely received under European colonial rule.