PR Firm Navigator Dumps Jian Ghomeshi

At least 8 women now accuse Ghomeshi of sexual abuse, harassment or violence.

by: Obert Madondo  | Published Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

Jian Ghomeshi co-created the CBC's cultural affairs program Q in 2007. (Photo credit: CBC)

Jian Ghomeshi co-created the CBC’s cultural affairs program Q in 2007. (Photo credit: CBC)

Navigator, the high-profile PR firm that had been representing Jian Ghomeshi after his sudden departure from the CBC, has dumped him.

“In response to numerous media requests, Navigator confirms it does not advise Jian Ghomeshi,” said Navigator in a statement. “Regrettably, the circumstances of our engagement have changed and we are no longer able to continue. No further comment will be issued.”

Also on Thursday, PR firm Rock-It Promotions ended its 15-year relationship with Ghomeshi. This tweet:

According to the Toronto Star, at least 8 women now accuse Ghomeshi of sexual assault, harassment or violence.

The accusers include Canadian actor Lucy DeCoutere, best known for her role as Lucy in the Trailer Park Boys TV series, and Canadian author, Reva Seth. Another accuser is a former CBC producer.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair is urging the victims to come forward to the police.

“People may be reluctant to report their victimization and participate in the criminal investigation and a criminal justice system. Our first priority is their safety,” said Blair on Thursday.

This is complete departure from a week ago. Then the news was that the co-creator and host of the public broadcaster’s popular cultural affairs radio show Q, was taking time off to deal with “personal issues.”

Ghomeshi’s “leave of absence” turned out to be permanent one when, on Sunday, the CBC announced it had fired him.

On the same day, Ghomeshi announced a $50-million lawsuit against CBC. He claimed “breach of confidence and bad faith” after nearly 14 years of employment. He claimed the CBC had fired him “because of the risk of my private sex life being made public as a result of a campaign of false allegations pursued by a jilted ex-girlfriend and a freelance writer.”

Ghomeshi announced that Navigator would represent him.

Later, he published a lengthy and emotional Facebook posting. He claimed to be the victim of “harassment, vengeance and demonization.”

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The story took yet another turn late Sunday. The Toronto Star reported that it had “approached Ghomeshi with allegations from three young women, all about 20 years his junior, who say he was physically violent to them without their consent during sexual encounters or in the lead-up to sexual encounters.”

The Star said the women had threatened to sue CBC for $50 million.

In his Facebook statement, Ghomeshi discussed his sex life. He said he engaged in “adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission.” He claimed all the encounters were consensual.

DeCoutere disagrees. The Star reports her recalling “an incident in 2003 when she alleges Ghomeshi, without warning or consent, choked her to the point she could not breathe and then slapped her hard three times on the side of her head.”

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