Premier Clark Should Reject Kinder Morgan’s Proposed Pipeline Too: Forest Ethics

By: Forest Ethics | Press Release | June 15, 2013

VANCOUVER, June 13, 2013 – The National Energy Board (NEB) reports that a crude oil spill of unknown size was detected late Wednesday near Merritt, British Columbia (BC). The source of the spill was the Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline.

Last month BC Premier Christy Clark announced her opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal and called for it to be rejected in the province’s official final arguments to the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel process.

“This is yet another reminder that it’s not a matter of if spills will happen but when they will happen,” said Tar Sands Campaign Director, Ben West, of ForestEthics Advocacy. “Hopefully we were lucky this time and no toxic tar sands oil was released into the Fraser River or any other salmon bearing streams.”

The pipeline was shut down this morning as authorities from the National Energy Board investigate.

“At least we know right now that this time it wasn’t in a residential area or close to a school,” said West.

Kinder Morgan is expected to file its submission to build a new pipeline close to the existing pipeline route near the end of 2013, around the same time the National Energy Board is expected to make a decision about the fate of the  Enbridge pipeline.

“There is no such thing as a safe pipeline. Kinder Morgan is trying to make the case that its project is better than Enbridge’s, but neither of these pipelines should be allowed to be built,” said West.

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