A great betrayal: Trudeau and the Liberals voted for Harper’s sell-out FIPA

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A great betrayal: Trudeau and the Liberals voted for Harper’s sell-out FIPA

by: Obert Madondo  | Published Apr 23, 2013

Justin TrudeauJustin Trudeau and the Liberals abandoned us during our greatest hour of need. And if there’s a greater act of political betrayal, please let me know.

On Monday, Trudeau and the Liberals voted with the Harper Conservatives to kill an NDP motion to stop Harper’s sellout Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPA) from becoming law.

The New Democrats and Green Party leader Elizabeth May had asked the House of Commons to defend Canada; they voted in favor of the motion, which stated:

That, in the opinion of this House, the government should inform the Government of the People’s Republic of China, that it will not ratify the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.

FIPA, negotiated in secret in Vladivostok, Russia, in September, 2012. is a sell-out pact. It’s a pact that could conquer Canada the way colonial powers conquered and plundered Africa and other parts of the formally-colonized world.

Accoding to the progressive thinktank Council of Canadians, FIPA “will give China-based corporations 31 years of “protection” against environmental policies and other government decisions that put people before profits. The FIPA with China will lead to more corporate lawsuits against the Canadian government. Already, a US energy firm is seeking $250 million in “compensation” after Quebec declared a moratorium on fracking.

Threat to national security

But then again, should we be surprised? Trudeau supports the discredited Keystone XL pipeline. He’s already embraced Harper’s CNOOC-Nexen deal, which pushes Canada closer to becoming a petro-state, and can pose a threat to Canada’s national security.

In a recent annual report, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), warned that foreign takeovers such as the CNOOC-Nexen deal “can pose a threat to national security.” The 2010-11 report, tabled in Parliament, stated that foreign state-owned companies “with close ties to their home governments have pursued opaque agendas or received clandestine intelligence support for their pursuits here.”

In 2005, the Americans opposed, on national security grounds, CNOOC’s $18.5 billion bid to purchase refiner Unocal Corp. of El Segundo, Calif. Last summer, U.S. Republican Senator James Inhofe said of Chinese state-owned companies: “I have serious national security concerns with the Chinese government, acting through one of its corporations, purchasing a company that will give it control over significant U.S. oil and gas resources.”

Trudeau unreservedly supports the Canadian senate, our scandal-ridden “useless, expensive, undemocratic appendage of government” and “chamber of disrepute“.

Canadians speak:

According to the Vancouver Observer, “FIPA opponents unleash criticism of Liberals, Trudeau over NDP motion vote.”

Finally, the statement by Don Davies, the NDP’s International Trade critic and sponsor of the motion:

Poorly negotiated by the Conservative government, the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) is not in the best interest of Canadians and does not meet our needs. This agreement will bind us to China for 31 years.

It was particularly disappointing to see the Liberals joining hands with the Conservatives to defeat the NDP motion which would prevent the ratification of the Canada-China FIPPA.

Negotiated in secret, FIPPA was adopted quickly in Parliament, without any debate, study in committee or Members’ vote. The government pushed ahead despite concerns expressed by New Democrats, experts and Canadians.

The NDP wants to increase trade agreements and investments with China and other emerging economies, but it wants to negotiate fair agreements, which allow us to maintain control of our natural resources.

By delaying the ratification of the agreement for the last 5 months, Conservatives are confusing investors and hurting the economy, while making it obvious that even they realize they have negotiated a bad deal. Today they have missed an opportunity to admit their mistake, and formally abandon a deal that is not in Canada’s best interests.

Make no mistake: come October 2015, Canada will be liberated from Stephen Harper’s elected dictatorship. Unfortunately, the man who will replace him appears to be a Harper in Liberal disguise.

Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based progressive blogger, and the founder and editor of The Canadian Progressive. Follow him on Twitter.com/Obiemad

Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based independent journalist, progressive political blogger, and activist. He’s the publisher and editor of The Canadian Progressive blog.
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8 comments on “A great betrayal: Trudeau and the Liberals voted for Harper’s sell-out FIPA
  1. Very disappointed Justin… That is Not what Canadians Really wanted!… We were watching you… You weren't listening to us… We are with Neil !… Don't ya know ??? VOTE Green everybody !Put your weight behind Elizabeth May !

  2. Look at China now, pollution is so bad you can't see the sun. Our turn will come. Only when the last tree has been cut down, only when the last river has been poisoned, only when the last fish has been caught, only then will you realize money can not be eaten.. Cree Prophesy.

  3. I am amazed how naive people are concerning the brutal Chinese Communist Party. The CCP has murdered eighty million of its own people since 1949 and since 1999 has been attempting the genocide of the tens of millions of innocent Falun Gong practitioners by the use of torture, slavery, organ harvesting and murder. The CCP is a blood-thirsty gangster regime but people living in the West as well as most Chinese are being kept in the dark concerning its true nature because of greed and the total control of the Chinese media by the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party is not something that should be shown any respect whatsoever, only disgust and fear.

  4. Oh my good…what a sell out….We can't eat money once all the resources are all used up. Talk about greed before human beings. "It's NOT a Native thing…it's a CANADA thing."

  5. This proves it is true that Trudeau wants to keep the Senate because it represents mostly back east and so goes FIPA and his honeymoon with Harper.

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