NDP MP Niki Ashton: “New Canadian Wheat Board ad symbolizes the Conservative agenda”

Tell your friends to pull offensive CWB ad: Ashton calls on Ritz to act

by Niki Ashton MP (Press Release) | Feb. 6, 2013:

OTTAWA – Today in question period, MP Niki Ashton (Churchill) called on Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz to pull an offensive Canadian Wheat Board ad.

The ad titled Still on the Fence?, is meant to encourage farmers to sign up for the board’s winter pool to sell their grain.

“Mr. Speaker, after the government dismantled the farmer owned and operated Canadian Wheat Board the minister appointed unelected directors to re-brand the institution. It has not been a success. So much so that they are reverting to 50s pin-up ads to sell wheat,” said Ashton.

Ashton added, “The new CWB ad symbolizes the Conservative agenda, setting farmers and women decades back. The question is, since the minister appoints the directors to run the show, will he tell his buddies to take the ad down, or is this how he really sees Western Canadian men and women?”

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