Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s All-Male Security Detail: PHOTO

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s All-Male Security Detail: PHOTO

by: Obert Madondo | Twitter: @Obiemad:

Harper's All-male Security Team

Legendary is Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s contempt for women and the issues important to them. This photo of the prime minister and his security detail confirms the truth: Harper is still to wake up to the reality that women can be as lethal personal bodyguards as men. Mr. Harper, women are also smart and tough. They’re also good with semi-automatic pistols. Women’s hands, feet and bodies can also become the different between life and death for an important person under attack.

In fact, women do make better bodyguards than men. They’re far better at handling the unprecedented stress that comes with the job of a human shield. And, they react on intuition. That’s why, the world over, women are increasingly starring as bodyguards for top political leaders. Ask the Saudi royal family. Ask J K Rowling.

A few concrete examples:

First, Hillary Clinton. In her four years as U.S. Secretary of State, she engaged in an unprecedented 112-country diplomatic marathon around the world, becoming the most-traveled secretary of state in history. At one point, she traveled to 9 countries in 13 days. She visited visited both friendly and hostile countries. Women made up an unprecedented fifth of her elite Security Detail. Elle has more on “Clinton’s Angels”, profiled a few here.

Second, Colonel Gaddafi. The slain Libyan leader and long-time friend of some western leaders, such as former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, was one of the most hated men in the world. Gaddafi had what western journalists often called the “Amazonian Guard” or “Revolutionary Nuns”, an all-female elite cadre of bodyguards. The Amazonian Guard protected Gaddafi from the 1990s until his terrorist-style assassination in 2011.

Third, the Ukrainian police’s elite Titan unit. Members of this unit protect politicians, businessman and bureaucrats. During the 2012 European soccer championships, many of them were hired to guard top players and officials.

Fourth, China, the new global colonial power which is helping Harper to transform Canada into a petro-state. Many of the hundreds of emerging millionaires and billionaires, male and female, now hire female bodyguards. In fact, women are the preferred choice.

The absence of females in Harper’s security detail confirms what I earlier called Harper’s chronic women problem. But that’s an understatement. Harper is at war with Canadian women. Since he came to power in 2006, the percentage of government positions held by women has decreased to less than 32.5 per cent. Then there is the vindictive treatment of former Tory MP, Belinda Stronach, and former female cabinet ministers, Helena Guergis and Lisa Raitt.

The absence of females in Harper’s security detail is an insult to some of the values we hold dear and often preach to the world. Equality and inclusiveness, for example.

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Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based independent journalist, progressive political blogger, and activist. He’s the publisher and editor of The Canadian Progressive blog.
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8 comments on “Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s All-Male Security Detail: PHOTO
  1. I'm sorry but you didn't explain well why Harper needs to have female bodyguards, or why this is part of a "war on women." You gave four examples of instances where female body guards are used, none of them very similar to Harper's profile. Clinton, the only other western leader, has so many female bodyguards "in part because three of the past four secretaries of state have been women." The fact that Ghadaffi's Amazonian Guard was strictly all-female kind of reflects how it was more of an eccentric decision by a madman than anything. The Chinese female body guards are popular for "social and market reasons", not strategic ones. The article about the Ukrainian Titan does make an objective case for female bodyguards though, so maybe they are on to something. Although it's a little strange to make the case that female bodyguards are strategically better if the argument is that Harper has an anti-egalitarian "war on women" on. Is this a question of security strategy or politics? What if men were better in some way, would that justify it? Is it not possible that this is evidence of mere bias or prejudice, and not full blown contempt or warfare? Is representation in small elite groups really that important to advancing the cause of equality anyhow?

  2. of course he needs that much security. if he tried to go to the store by himself he would likely be mobbed and dragged through the streets like the crime boss that he is.

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