Aboriginal leader: “We’ve to acknowledge that Australia has a Black history”

by Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 4, 2013:

Idle No More“We’ve to acknowledge that Australia has a Black history”, an Aboriginal leader said last week as he “reflected on pain, and hope, of Australia Day”. Steve Widders is asking indigenous people in Australia not to forget a painful colonial past dominated by oppression, racism, dispossession, discrimination and alienation. But he’s asking his people “to work towards changing the future”. He’s asking his people to be Idle No More .

He told ABC News:

“We have to acknowledge that Australia has a Black history, that this country was invaded, that Aboriginal people received unjust treatment, were alienated, were dispossessed, lost their culture, and lost their identity. But we can’t change that and so we have to change the future and we have to show leadership and work alongside each other.” MORE

Words of wisdom for indigenous peoples and their allies everywhere. Especially here in Canada, where Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently launched a plan to terminate First Nations. Where he and the Conservatives are trying legislate Aboriginal peoples out of existence.

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Obert Madondo

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