West-East Tar Sands Pipeline: New Brunswick Premier David Alward Goes to Alberta

by Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive, Feb. 3, 2013:

Polaris Institute PicNew Brunswick Premier David Alward really wants Alberta’s tar sands oil to flow to the world through his province. To accelerate Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s dream of converting Canada into a petro-state dominated by China, the new global colonizer, I should say. Alward is currently on a three-day visit to the heartland of Canada’s mostly-foreign-owned dirty oil for talks with Premier Allison Redford and Big Oil executives.

From the Calgary Herald:

The New Brunswick premier’s three-day visit to this province is meant to advance the idea of a west-east pipeline that opens new refining options for Alberta’s oilsands.

Alberta deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk, scheduled to welcome the New Brunswick delegation at the Edmonton airport Sunday morning, described Premier David Alward’s trip as an important step in Premier Alison Redford’s work to develop a Canadian Energy Strategy. MORE

During the visit, Alward and his team will attend the Annual Canadian Tarsands Summit. My bad, the Annual Canadian Oilsands Summit.  He hopes to convince Redford to make the New Brunswick’s Irving refinery part of her Canadian Energy Strategy dream.

The Calgary Herald tells us:

Since becoming premier, Redford has pressed the idea of a Canadian Energy Strategy as a way to open new markets for the province’s oil. Currently, Alberta ships most of its oil to the United States, which has led to lower prices because of increased U.S. production and a sluggish American economy. MORE

Alberta’s Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk wants us to believe that the visit will make Alward’s dream come true.

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