IRS Tax Collection: Evasion of the US or Invasion of Canada? Green Party of Canada asks

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One comment on “IRS Tax Collection: Evasion of the US or Invasion of Canada? Green Party of Canada asks
  1. I want to know if anything more is being done to fight this. I don't think average Canadians have a clue how much this is a Charter Challenge. The Harper government right now is in "talks" to find some way to work around the Charter and agree to the implementation of this thing. This is harming MANY low and middle income families just because they have a U.S./Canadian citizen in them. I don't think people realize the full damage this is doing.

    My spouse is Canadian only. I have been a stay at home mom, our son is only Canadian but, has disabilities. My Canadian spouse makes all of our income here in Canada at his Canadian job and happily pays all his tax to Canada. Under FATCA the bank would report HIS account numbers, all transactions and balances to the U.S. spy apparatus. The IRS/NSA. They have already said the IRS can "share" this data. My spouse objects to having his bank info shared with a foreign nation. In Europe banks have been asking anyone with "U.S. indica" to sign away their privacy rights to go along with this thing or to have their accounts closed by the bank. We cannot live without our local bank account.

    American Citizens Abroad has a litany of horror stories submitted to them. This is forcing some spouses to discuss "divorce" renouncing" or taking the U.S. spouses name off of everything. Those are the choices for those trying to protect their Canadian spouses and children from this over reach.

    "Just renounce" say you? The banks will accept a CLN right? Well, yes they will but in the U.S. they are repeatedly trying to pass bills saying you can never go back there. Some duals have aging parents in the U.S. or other family. So the bottom line is that my Canadian spouse and child can sign away their rights or not be able to bank eventually or I can renounce and be threatened with never being able to see my family. The U.S. has put people in a horrible situation here and no one there cares at all.

    FATCA was originally passed to go after high rollers and criminals living INSIDE the U.S. and "off shoring" money. That's well and good and we all agree it is but, that is NOT how it is being used! It is being used to bully every country in the world into violating their own citizens rights. In high tax countries like Canada this is ludicrous! The impact will be very expensive for Canada with very little benefit at all. There are one million Americans living here and most are dual. Most are here due to family reasons meaning they have a lot of Canadian only family to be reported on. Some of these people having lived or worked in the U.S. at all. Some are "accidental Americans" maybe they were there but, haven't lived there since infancy and do not even know they are American and are now past due filing paper work to the U.S. The fines and fees for not filing this paper work are draconian on zero taxes even owed. The outrage in our government on such over reach should be a lot louder than it is and Flagherty and Harper should have just told the U.S. "NO! Canada is not a tax haven!" Period!

    I would love to have some feedback more recent than this on this issue as it is affecting so many people's lives. [email protected]

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