Chief Spence decries Harper’s “paternalistic relationship” with Aboriginals

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Chief Spence decries Harper’s “paternalistic relationship” with Aboriginals

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Attawapiskat FN LogoJanuary 11, 2013, Victoria Island, traditional territory of the Algonquian Peoples: Chief Theresa Spence is standing firm on her request that both Prime Minster and Governor General of Canada need to be present and participate at the meeting with First Nation leaders. This statement comes on the heels of the Governor General announcing his invite to meet at a “ceremonial” meeting without the Prime Minster in attendance.

“We need to meet with the Prime Minster and Governor General of Canada together and ensure that fairness at the table. The attitudes and treatment towards our Indigenous Peoples needs to change with this current government. We can no longer have a paternalistic relationship and be dictated to. Since last year’s, First Nations Crown meeting, our Peoples have not seen any results and in fact it’s been quite the opposite with a suite of First Nations legislation without any Free, Prior and Informed consent. At this point, the Honour of the Crown has been sullied by the actions of the government of Canada,” stated Chief Spence.

Chiefs unanimously support Chief Spence’s hunger strike and are advocating for a “Nation to Nation” meeting with both the Prime Minster and Governor General. The historical meeting that took place last night saw Chiefs and supporters standing in solidarity with the Peoples and their movement, “Idle No More.

“I clearly stated from the very beginning that the meeting has to include both the Governor General and the Prime Minister in attendance. We continue to push for justice, equality and fairness for all Indigenous Peoples, “stated Chief Theresa Spence.

Chief Spence is on her 32nd day of her hunger strike and continues to subsist off of fish broth and medicinal tea. Her physical state has been weakened but is strong in spirit and remains steadfast in her position.

“Our Peoples need hope for their future and we cannot deny them this right as original Peoples of this land. We continue to pray for peace and seek guidance from our spiritual leaders on this path of recognition and implementation of our Inherent and Treaty Rights,” concluded Chief Spence.


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One comment on “Chief Spence decries Harper’s “paternalistic relationship” with Aboriginals
  1. The idea that the the people need to be "governed" by the greedy, by those who have commodified all things sacred, such as the land, all the resources and even human beings, is preposterous. These ideas, which we have been taken seriously in the past need to be debunked. The crown and the rulership of an elite flies in the face of sanity. Lets get over it. Intelligence requires that these most unkind systems must be uninstalled. They are NOT human nature. They are silly mistakes, and will be corrected. A believe in such nonsense as a monarchy does not become true just because so many have been deceived. It is time for the many to see that we have enslaved ourselves to a silly paradigm, which eclipsed the truth of our collective and individual Spirit, which needs no governing or controlling, other than awakening from illusions.

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