Theresa Spence Hunger Strike: Social Media Conversation on Day 19

It’s the end of Day 19 of Attawapiskat Chief  Theresa Spence’s indefinite hunger strike, taking place here in Ottawa. Spence started her peaceful protest on December 11, 2012. She’s demanding a meeting involving Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a representative of the Queen and First Nations leaders. She wants to discuss treaty agreements between Canada and First Nations, and recent legislation that seeks disempower, exploit, control and marginalize First Nations.

So far Harper has maintained a stubborn wall of silence. One that seeks to overwhelm the peaceful protest. Spence’s supporters, thousands of them, are having non of it. Here’s a sample of what some of them had to say on the social media today:

You can follow Chief Spence on Twitter via: @ChiefTheresa. Check out our coverage of the protest via these categories: First NationsChief Theresa Spence Hunger Strike and Idle No More.