Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy’s $33,000 allowance is daylight robbery

Senator Mike DuffySenator Mike Duffy has reportedly claimed more than $33,000 in “living allowances intended to defray senators’ costs of maintaining a second home in the National Capital Region”.

The trouble is: the Conservative senator and Harper appointee has been an Ottawa resident since the 1970s.

He has a home in Kanata, a part of the amalgamated city of Ottawa. A walking distance from here. Really.

But here’s an interesting thing: when stuff like this happens in developing country we call it corruption. We get mad.

OK, I’ll write about this later. For now, please rejoice: there are senators who do have a conscience! That’s right. Those who live far far away and still choose not to claim the allowances. The Liberal duo of Marie-P. Charette-Poulin, who represents Northern Ontario and Pierre De Bane of De la Vallière, Quebec. And Anne Cools, an independent from Toronto.