Budget Bill C-38: A Conservative Insurgency Against Harper?

English: Signature of Stephen Harper.

Earlier this week, the NDP and other Federal opposition parties released the findings of their Canada-wide public consultations on Stephen Harper’s Budget Implementation Act, Bill C-38. Yesterday, the parties submitted 1,300 amendments to the behemoth omnibus bill. Now a new opposition front, straight out of Harper’s Conservative world, is gathering strength.

Former Alberta MP Bob Mills has decried the elimination of the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NREE). Mills is a one-time environment critic in Harper’s opposition shadow cabinet. Earlier in May, David Wilks, a rookie Tory MP from British Columbia, lamented the lack of debate on the bill in the Conservative Party.

The Times Colonist suggests that more Conservatives are in on the burgeoning insurgency. Clearly these three: Tom Siddon, John Fraser (both Mulroney-era cabinet ministers) and Alberta Premier Alison Redford. On the environment, Redford “insists on sustainability.” In contrast, Harper “remains determined to remove any obstacle to development of Canada’s resources.”

The Times Colonist tells us:

Premiers will always put regional loyalties before party, but there is little evidence of kinship between Harper and Atlantic conservatives. They don’t even seem to belong to the same party.

Is it too early to suggest that the Conservatives’ insurgency is more than about Budget Bill C-38? That Harper’s burgeoning elected dictatorship is signing Conservatives out of the Conservative circle? Is it preposterous to suggest an awakening in the Conservative world?

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