Obert Madondo’s Indefinite Canada Crime Bill C10 Hunger Strike (VIDEO)

On March 14, I started an indefinite hunger strike here in Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new and deceptively christened “Safe Streets and Communities Act” (formerly omnibus crime Bill C-10). My  five demands include the immediate repeal of the backward-looking and undemocratic Act, and the resignation of newly appointed Conservative senator and former Ottawa police chief, Vernon White. I’ll continue the hunger strike until all the demands are met.

My five demands are:

  • The Parliament of Canada should repeal the Safe Streets and Communities Act in its entirety.
  • Former Ottawa Police chief and newly-appointed Senator, Vernon White, should immediately resign.
  • The federal government should make a commitment to invest 100 times the cost of monitoring and dismantling Occupy encampments across Canada last fall to institute a national inquiry into the case of 600+ missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls.
  • The House of Commons should immediately institute measures to improve accountability and transparency.
  • Harper and the Conservatives should immediately cease their war on Canadians and Canadian democracy.
I’ve written to Harper and every Canadian MP and Senator, and now await the official response from the Prime Minister and Parliament of Canada. I published this letter on this blog, which I also update with journal entries, etc.
I need your help to spread the word. Please watch and share the YouTube video above. Please share it as widely as possible. Via our Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups. Through Twitter. Via our email contacts. Post the video to your blog. Share it with your blogging friends. Journalists too. MPs and Senators even. And ask your friends to share it with their contacts. Let’s unleash the potent power of the social media and tell Harper and the Conservatives that the Safe Streets and Communities Act has no place in a real democracy. Together we can do it!
For email shares, here’s the video’s link: http://youtu.be/V-mcaeD16ro.
And yet, this isn’t just about me. It’s about you too. About the future of our great country. The Conservative government’s ideology-driven draconian law is part of Harper’s grand plan to shake up our democratic institutions, traditions and values. It seeks to impose on Canada a vindictive, right-wing, worldview.
The law will violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly: the right to equal protection before the law; the right to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment; the right to liberty; and the rights of Canadians convicted overseas.
The Safe Streets and Communities Act will divide Canadian society and erode the following Canadian values: compassion, respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law, inclusion, diversity, fairness and democratic governance.
The law will weaken and undermine the Canadian judiciary. The new law’s changes to the youth criminal justice system will impose stiffer and longer sentences on young and first time offenders, and turn them into hardened criminals, instead of rehabilitating and reintegrating them into society.
There’s an implicit yet undeniable racism embedded in the law.  The majority of those who will face tougher sentences, extended periods in custody before trial, and extended ineligibility for parole especially due to drug offences are blacks and Aboriginals, who are already oversubscribed in the jail population.
The Safe Streets and Communities Act will cost Canadian provinces and taxpayers at least $19 billion to implement. It will impose a huge financial burden on future generations.
Harper is determined to impose an oppressive petro-state, create a prison industrial complex and introduce the so-called “war on drugs”, which has devastated the US, Brazil and Mexico.
The GEO Group Inc., a major player in the private correctional services in the US, lobbied for the new law. The company has profited from 9/11, the economic meltdown and recent anti-immigrant crackdowns. It has profited from privatized corrections and detention operations in Australia, UK and South Africa, where it is also connected with the African country’s unveiling massive prison privatization efforts. In Glasgow, Scotland, the company is involved in an Immigration Removal Center. In the late 1990s, GEO was involved with Australia’s notorious Woomera Immigration Detention Center, once described by UN officials as a “great human tragedy” and likened to a “Nazi concentration camp”.
I urge all Canadians to defy the Safe Streets and Communities Act by any peaceful and democratic means necessary.
Now is the time to build a society that nurtures hope instead of extinguishing it. It’s a moment to remind ourselves that an injustice visited upon a single Canadian or community is an injustice visited upon all of us. We must insist on a united and caring Canada that encourages all to set aside differences and prescribed labels. We must come together to create a society based on these core values: compassion, understanding, inclusion, diversity, fairness, accommodation of difference, democratic governance, respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law.
Therein lies our collective security, not in the Safe Streets and Communities Act.
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