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Obert Madondo’s Canada Bill C-10 Hunger Strike: Day 14 Update

this photo 150x150 Obert Madondo’s Canada Bill C 10 Hunger Strike: Day 14 UpdateThis journal entry covers days 12, 13 and 14 (March 25, 26 and 27) my indefinite hunger strike against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives’ draconian Safe Streets and Communities Act (Bill C-10). I started the peaceful protest at 12:01am on Wednesday, March 14. Two of my 5 demands: Repeal of the Act in its entirety, and immediate resignation of newly-appointed Conservative senator Vernon White.

After the weakness and mild chest pains I experienced over the weekend, I’m feeling much better. And my spirits are high.

Key developments:

Previous journal entries:

In the works:

  • Solidarity hunger strike at the Canadian Human Rights Memorial
  • Friends of Obert Facebook group
  • Final edit of YouTube video



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Ian Shon Marshall
Ian Shon Marshall

Thank-you Obert I watched you give a lecture in Perth about your experiences with politics in Africa and I was intregued by your experience. Now you are putting it all out on the line for all of Canada. My partner and I send you our best wishes and love and support. It is your efforts as well as others that see human spirit at its finest hour. I am sorry that you are suffering as I type. God Bless you and your efforts!

Alfredo Ancheta
Alfredo Ancheta

Currently following the developments relative to this story.