The Day Stephen Harper Called Canada a Benign Dictatorship

“Canada’s system of one-party-plus rule has stunted democracy.” – Stephen Harper (and Tom Flanagan)

By Obert Madondo The Canadian Progressive, March 1, 2012:

Photo: Remy Steinegger. Via Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Remy Steinegger. Via Wikimedia Commons

Not long ago, Stephen Harper suggested that “although we like to think of ourselves as living in a mature democracy, we live, instead, in something little better than a benign dictatorship.” He bemoaned the fact that “our parliamentary government creates a concentrated power structure out of step with other aspects of society.”

That day, Harper talked about governments as “defenders of the social safety net”. And then he suggested: “For Canadian democracy to mature, Canadian citizens must face these facts, as citizens in other countries have, and update our political structures to reflect the diverse political aspirations of our diverse communities.”

How prophetic.

Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan: Our Benign Dictatorship, Next City, Winter 1996/97

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