Great Start to Occupy Ottawa Protest

A supporter of Occupy Ottawa just articulated the Canadian problem on Facebook (unedited): “Consider this: our society is twice as rich as it was 20 years ago. Yet: the average Canadian’s income has stayed the same for thirty years, young families are three times more likely to live in poverty, and we’re always told that can’t afford to tackle a historic challenge like climate change. Where did the money go? The overwhelming share went to the 1%.”

Throughout the march there was a subtle reminder of the indignation and youthful energy that underlined Arab uprising. And people on the street greeted the protesters with encouragement.

The well-bahaved protesters were escorted by police.

Occupy Ottawa protesters aren’t leaving Confederation Park any time soon. As of Saturday, more than 50 gallant protesters had set up tents.  Most plan to stay there indefinitely. Or at least until the global Occupy movement’s objectives have been achieved.

Occupy Ottawa’s stated mission: “It’s time to put people before profits and communities before corporations. We are the 99 per cent and we want social and economic justice, here in Canada and around the world.”

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