Olivia Chow Should Follow Her Own Political Path

Memorial to the late NDP leader Jack Layton near Parliament Hill, Ottawa

 The buzz: Jack Layton‘s widow, Olivia Chow, will likely run for the leadership of the Federal NDP.  Bad political decision if the MP for Trinity-Spadina, Toronto, does.

The world over, political widows often capitalize on the legacies of departed spouses to build or boost their own careers. That’s not Chow’s path.

Chow is closer than anyone else to Layton’s vision for the NDP and Canada. The partnership she and Layton shared during their 25 years of marriage has very few parallels. And I don’t doubt that Chow would make a fine Prime Minister for Canada.

But abandoning her political path to pepertuate Layton’s vision is tantamount to admitting a political weakness. That, without Layton, she cannot stand own.

Chow is a respected politician in her own right. An inspiration to women and Canadian minorities. Canadians will respect her more if she continued on her own path. And avoids the temptation to profit from Layton’s legacy.

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