UN Security Council Gives Libyan No-fly Zone Wings

By: Obert Madondo | The Canadian Progressive

The UN Security Council has narrowly voted to authorizing a no-fly zone over Libya. We’re told the resolution seeks to keep Libyan strongman Muammar Gadhafi’s warplanes out of the sky to protect civilians from attacks by his forces.

So much is not being said here.

For example, the resolution authorizes “all necessary measures”. Doesn’t that sound like open war?

The resolution affirms the post-9/11 era era of re-packaged American hegemony. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks ushered in the era of state-sponsored violence across borders. Insurgencies and other violent non-state groups now have legitimacy. In Iraq and Afghanistan they’re routinely hired to fight for the fragile western-backed regimes there.

Of course there’s always justification. In Libya, Gaddafi is an evil dictator determined to annihilate his people. The rebels now fighting him are “pro-democracy” agents of democratic change and human rights. Forget the fact that they’re also determined to kill pro-Gaddafi supporters impeding their ill-planned march to Tripoli.

Then there’s our guilt conscience. For far too long, we coddled Gaddafi even as he subjugated his own people.  We coddled Gaddafi even as he openly supported global terrorism, and after he downed Pan Am 103. When he compensated Pan Am 103 victims, disavowed his nuclear ambitions and renounced terrorism, we lauded our ability to rehabilitate vicious dictators.

The resolution seeks to save the rebellion and facilitate the demise of a now-dispensable dictator. A victory for the rebellion liberates us from the guilt of tolerating Gaddafi’s forty-two years of brutal rule.

Now that we’re dispatching our military might to “protect” Libyans from Gaddafi’s genocidal military, could the mainstream media and diplomats please spare us the propaganda? Repeated reminders of Rwanda, Bosnia or genocide are no longer necessary. This is another billion-dollar war.

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Obert Madondo

Publisher and editor
Obert Madondo is an Ottawa-based independent journalist and progressive political blogger. He's the publisher and editor of The Canadian Progressive.